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Poésie pour les amoureux de la Vie
∙∙∙ ◦○ 𑁍 ○◦ ∙∙∙

Ce livre, ce n’est pas juste un livre, c’est des années de voyage terrestre distillées par mon esprit, que je vous offre

dans une fiole de papier, reliée de lumière dorée.

Compilés en plusieurs parties, ces poèmes nous transportent

dans des univers colorés remplis d’émotions, de mysticisme,

de nature et de sensibilité.

Disponible sous deux format :

petit format de poche en noir et blanc,

et grand format deluxe en couleur avec photographies.

(Pour l'instant seulement en français.)

Marianne is a multidisciplinary artist and therapist from Montreal, Qc.

Art is in her eyes a precious tool for emotional healing,

as well as for opening and expanding consciousness.

She creates artworks that uplift and heal,

connecting us to the invisible Beauty that is always around us ;

linking us to the splendor of Collective Consciousness.

Additionally passionate about natural and holistic healing methods

(herbalism, raw foods, fasting, cold therapy, sound and color therapy),

as well as psychology, she seeks to understand the connection

between consciousness, art, and nature in order to develop an artistic education formula

suitable for creating a brighter and more harmonious world.

Marianne Zlahoda with a rainbow mandala painting

“The quintessential artist is the one who has taken as material to sculpt his own flesh,

as a canvas to paint his face and his body, as a book to write his entire being through his thoughts and feelings.

He wants the beauty and harmony of Creation to pass through him.

This artist creates the art of the new culture that is coming..."


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov 


« Our meeting, our exchanges on our stories, 
our art, and our lives, 
added a lot valuable to my life.
I immediately felt Marianne's sensitivity to the world, and loved her writings
from the start.
She knew how to see my drawings from the beginning that I shared them on my page, and it touched me deeply. »

Laure-Adélie C.

« Despite her young age, Marianne has a great conscience and a very sensitive visionary. She sees through people and her gentleness is reflected in her paintings by the patience it takes to create works of great precision and beauty. Reflecting her highly vibrant energy. »

Claudia C.

« Encountering the Divine.

A burst

of Lights of Love

to contemplate. »

Jean-Michel H.

« I saw you in action,
around a fire and in my face, literally!
You don't create
with your head, you create
with your allies of above.
You don't create for the money, you create because your soul needs to create.
Your creations are full of light and incomparable precision.
I love your paintings,
but i love seeing you
animated by Creation. »

Marion D.

(After a first session of the Mandala Creation Course)

« Infinite gratitude to Marianne for these powerful spaces of connection and creativity. A vibrant experience that nourishes, transforms and reveals. »

Laurène H.

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