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What's behind my Logo ?

The first time I received the inspiration for this logo was in august 2020.

It was during a time of camping, fasting and retreating in a forest of Quebec.


The structure

- The Circle with a center point is the symbol of the Sun,

and also of Divine Consciousness.

We can also say that the circle represents Inclusion and the center represents Unity.

It highlights the importance of working together, collectively, 

to get closer to the Beauty of Truth.

- The background structure is called the "Seed of Life" and symbolizes the Creation of the world.
(click here to listen to a video about the Seed of Life)

When the colors are added, it is then called the Mystical Rose.

Mystical Rose also one of the many terms

under which the Virgin Mary (the Divine Feminine in her purest form) is invoked.

- The Hexagons symbolized the beehive,

which is a metaphor for humanity and collectivity.

(click here to listen to a video about Honeycomb and Hexagons)

For me, bees are a living symbol of the alchemic action

that creates metaphorical "honey",

I believe it's by aligning with the sacred laws of Life,
that we can b
ecome real artists in service of the Greatest Artist,

and work on restoring heaven on earth, the way it was intended to be at the beginning of times.


The colors

Blue, Yellow and Red in the middle are the three Primary Colors,
they represent the Holy Trinity.

They are also the three pillars of my Vision :

Nature (Red) - for the physical body, actions

Art (Blue) - for the heart, emotions

and Consciousness (Yellow) - for the intellect, thoughts

(click here to read about the Center of Living Light)

- The 12 colors represent the cycle of time : 12 months of the year,

12 constellations of the zodiac, the 12 hours of the clock...

It is also a sacred number being mentioned many times in the Bible.

I use those same 12 colors in lots of my paintings.

(click here to read more about the number 12)

The Rainbow is a living and universal symbol;

speaking of our Humanity, of the richness and beauty of its diversity.

The multiple colors illustrate the unique expression of each being:

history, height, age, sex, social status, appearances and nationality.

- The Gold is the color of the Sun, of the Divine, Christ-consciousness

because is it the only metal on earth that cannot be altered.

It is also representative of the unalterable spiritual nobility that lies dormant in each of us.

(click here to read quotes of Omraam about Gold)

Logo - Marianne Zlahoda
Original Hand-painted Logo

Original Hand-painted Logo

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